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Michael Adam Weselak

I was born in 1987, Gdańsk. I graduated from the Academy of Physical Education in Gdańsk. I started my sailing adventure in my first year of study. In the short time I obtained a nautical patent, and my skills szlifowałem during internships at the National Sailing Centre. Then the time came for training. In her teaching career, I conducted theoretical classes for students of AWF-U from the obligatory "sailing" course. I have been a sailing instructor in such educational programs as the Maritime Education program in Gdańsk and the Pomeranian Maritime Education programme. I also cooperated with Matthew Kusznierewicza NAVIGARE Foundation. After graduating and collaborating on local projects, I participated in the international Project Maritime Education and Sail training for Young people (MAST). The training was designed for young people from the Baltic Sea Basin countries. Cruises took place in Gdańsk Żaglowcu STS General ZARUSKI and owned by Kłajpedzkiego University, Lithuanian żaglowcu STS BRABANDER.

After the end of the cooperation with the educational programs, I went professionally and took part in the regatta in the water of the Baltic, Mediterranean and northern seas. Currently, for more than three years, I am a customer service specialist in Polish żaglowni. My tasks are m.in. Preparation of offers and design of sails to tourist yachts and racers. I also advise on the selection of suitable materials and typefaces for different types of sails.

Professionally, I am also a measuring vessel of the sea measuring formula ORC-offshore Racing Congress. I scan hulls, rigging measurements, hulls, sails and freeboard, and I study the stability of the yachts.

Weselak Mini

Mini class 6.50

Since 2014, I am fascinated by the Mini 6.50 class. After working with Radkiem Kowalczyk, I started preparing for Mini-shipping. The first workouts took place in the spring of 2015 years, when I acquired the PROTO yacht and continued until the end of 2016 years. Through these two seasons I switched from Mini to many moments of fear, tipping and full discouragement, as well as moments of excitement, tremendous surfing speed on the waves with the wind and over 3000 INM of experience. So far I have managed to sail on several decks of class mini yachts 6.50 such as 029, 790, 884, 894 (numbers).

Weselak Mini 650 Battle

From 2017 years I have the opportunity to sail on one of the latest constructions of the Mini class yacht 6.50. The carbon hull, mast, rudder and sword and ballast make the unit ultralekką and blazingly fast. Such a yacht puts even more challenges Sternikowi, who wants to take full advantage of its potential.

The dynamics of my nautical development poses a key question to me – what next?

I follow the direction of sailing regatta and my goal is to participate in the Regatta MINI TRANSAT 2019.


  • Yacht Cox Sea
  • Motorboat
  • Sport Instructor Spec. Sailing
  • Motor Recreation Instructor Spec. Sailing
  • Src
  • STCW 95 Safety Training

Over 10 000 INM (Baltic Sea; North Including:

  • 3000 NM in Mini class 6.50
  • 2000 NM as an officer on Żaglowcach
  • 4000 NM on tourist yachts
  • Sailing alone on small and medium-sized yachts
  • Cruises on small and medium-sized yachts in the Baltic Sea region
  • Running Wacht officers on large yachts/Żaglowcach
  • Training in the field of sailing, sailing regatta and lonely
  • Knives work, mast work, altitude
  • Measurements by. Formula IMS-ORC



  • Adjacent Cup-Open Gdansk shipyard
    Total: 2nd place


  • XXIV "The Teligi-Open" memorial
    Total: 1st place
  • Sailbook Cup 2014-600 NM-Open (Alone)
    Stage I-1 seats, stage II-1st place, total: 1st place
  • Great sailing Battle of Gotland-500 NM-Open (Alone)
    RET-Electrical Installation failure
  • South Baltic Cup – Naval Regatta (solo)
    Total: 1st place


  • Polish record on the route Świnoujście-Gdańsk-200 NM, mini 6.50-LOA 6.5 m (alone) Mini 6.50
    Total: 28 hours
  • Long Distance Marine Championship of Poland-600 NM-ORC II (doublehanded) Mini 6.50
    Total: 4th place
  • Sailbook Cup 2015-600 NM-ORC (doublehanded) Mini 6.50
    Stage I-12 seats, stage II-11th place, total: 11th place


  • XXVI Regatta, Memorial L. Teligi-Open-Mini 6.50
  • Sailbook Cup 2016-600 NM-ORC (doublehanded) Mini 6.50
    Stage I-3MIEJSC, Stage II-3rd place, total: 3rd place
  • Great sailing Battle of Gotland-500 NM-ORC II (Alone) Mini 6.50
    Total: 6th place


  • Member of the sailor's Club of Loners
  • Gdynia Doublehanded Race-ORC (Doublehanded)
    Total: 3rd place
  • 1000-Mile Doublehanded Race-1000 NM-ORC/IRC (Doublehanded)
    Stage I-6th place, stage II-5th place, Stage III-6th place, total: 6th place
  • Shetland Race 2017-360 NM-IRC (doublehanded)
    Stage I-9th place, stage II-9th place, total: 9th place
  • The Sailing cup of Tri-ORC (doublehanded)
    Stage I-17th place, stage II-17th place, stage III-21 Stage IV-3rd place, total: 16 seat
  • XXVII regattas, Memorial L. Teligi-ORC
    Total: 8th place
  • Sailbook Cup 2017-600 NM-OPEN (manned)
    Stage I-3 seats, stage II-2nd place, total: 2nd place
  • Great sailing Battle of Gotland-500 NM-ORC II (Alone) Mini 6.50
    DNF-A storm threatening the safety of the yacht and skipper.


In the year 2018 focused on work to prepare the start-up undertaking in the Regatta Mini-Transat 2019