Ocean 650 (2105-2017)

The first Ocean 650 is a project of the well-known designer Dudley Dix Yacht Design from the PROTO division. About 20 such yachts was builded around the world, a proven and trustworthy construction. Made on the basis of a plywood core and fibers glass. This construction is solid – rigid and. He forgives many mistakes and, once committed, allows quick and easy repair. It was the biggest point for me because during the first years of racing on Mini Class, skipper has to change his thinking and actions to a completely different scheme. During this time there are many errors related to the yacht’s service and the sequence of operations. The durable aluminum profile of the mast based on three salings provided huge rigging security. The yacht is ideal for regatta training. Thanks to this I learned how to move the boundaries between speed and security.

fot. Cezary Spigarski

Yacht take part in many regattas

2011 :

  • Grand Prix d’Italie
  • Pornichet Select
  • UK Fastnet
  • Trophée Marie-Agnès Péron
  • Transgascogne
  • Mini Transat


  • Baltic Polonez Cup

2013 :

  • La Trinité – Plymouth
  • UK Fastnet

2015 :

  • Rekord Polski na trasie Świnoujście – Gdańsk
  • Sailbook Cup
  • Baltic Polonez Cup
  • Great Battle of Gotland

2016 :

  • Memorial of Leonid Teliga
  • Sailbook Cup
  • Great Battle of Gotland

2017 :

  • Great Battle of Gotland

After renovation and modernization of the hull, changing the shapes of the ballast , dagger and ruder blade and perfect perfect preparation bottom of yacht in 2015, I started training on the Baltic Sea.

from 2015 to 2017, after crossing over 3500 nm in regattas and training sessions, I checked the yacht carefully. For over two years of yacht service, I gained huge experience in the field of:

  • Laminating glass, aramid and carbon fiber
  • Works with resins, paints, varnishes and adhesive
  • Rope splicing and their selectio
  • Logistics and yacht transport by bus + platform
  • Launching the yacht and works related to the rigging and positioning of the mas
  • Placing and ergonomic settings of ropes on board
  • Calibration of electronic device
  • Specifics of setting and sheding sails with large surface
  • Work ergonomics on board Mini 6.50

Sailing and handling this yacht was for me a testing ground and an important step in my several-year plan. After reaching my goal, i.e. learning how to operate the Mini 6.50, I could take the next step and transfer safely to the latest structure made entirely of carbon fibers, i.e. the next Ocean- 650 – 2018