Mini 200 NM

Text This treats about my finally started adventure with the Mini 6.50 on the well-known Ocean-ie 650 Radek Kowalczyk.

… 9tego July Radek received the sails from the Royal townhouse from Ocean Sails, was near Gdańsk so he promised to join the dinner and then take me to Świnoujście. We rode his bus, so there was a lot of time to talk about the world, about sailing, the Mini class, about plans closer and further. All the way accompanied US heavy rain, Kapuśniaczek, rain with hail, rain with a storm, damn it rains-I thought! And let it fall, maybe it "falls" (the phenomenon impossible;)) and let it raining now, let the weekend be dry, though on the side of the sky, because from the water side of the bank Nagrody Chlapało. The Mini is only 75 cm high from the waterline.

We rode, so in the pouring rain and stress, takeover, jitters, fear of the weather strongly biting. For a week blows in and WbNW 25-35 knt. And the tide she could to expand-it does not herald the easy flight I thought, denerwowałem and again I thought. Radek as I usually did not speak a lot and seeing my anxiety smiling only under the nose, which even more dezorientowałoed me. When I got the pressure and the excitement of the trip I noticed that I was waiting for my factual questions. Przegadaliśmy so a few hours, a total of it from Gdansk to Kołobrzeg. Radek then began to start to talk about the adventures. It sounded like an infernally good interactive audiobook read by the author, Sailor, romance. After an hour or two, he threw a glimpse of how he would want to say something like, "So now listen to the young Wolf of the old Wolf" dug out of the depths clipboard plate, and began an interview with Kazik Jaworski. And so to Świnoujście, to which I have already arrived cool and relaxed.

Lying on the koi, there was no speech of a dream, in the mind I just had to mention the last few months, every weekend trip from Gdańsk to Szczecin where the mini 6.50 – Ocean 650 – POL 790 took on a new dimension and shapes. A colleague Witek helped us and we put in a lot of work and heart to 6.5 meters of oranges swam again. I do not mention many hours of continuous consultation with Radkiem and the turning head Szkutnikom from the yard. It was a good night and a good time especially that the next day I finally had a swim.

10tego July – I was awakened by the cold and rain walący a yacht deck. Damn rain again! What should I do? I went to bed further and after an hour ceased. I got up ogarnąłem a yacht I went after shopping, then a quick shower with a billion mosquitoes in the marina bathroom and a weather check. Pretty good to augured. Until noon 30-35 knt. Then he has sit to 25 knt. Large clouds of high, but without rain uffff…..

Sklarowałem yacht, the Grotto zarefowałemed to the third (last) ref, I prepared a full seal (10m2) and no in the way… Of course after an hour of fighting the engine;) when finally caught my neighbors thunderoused the applause congratulated me success and celebrated with the best Wishes. I swam through the marina with a smile from ear to ear waving all encountered, yes! Then I had a lot of euphoria in myself that in the end it succeeded that what I had been thinking for almost a year is a reality and that I Michael I stand on a yacht class mini 6.50 and in addition a yacht that was built by hand brought Radek to the other side of the ocean. It's power I thought and for a moment I wondered how facesed to the Radek coming out a few years ago from the same place in the first Marine lonely cruise. Have you had fears of the unknown, like me? Maybe it was all already known to him. After a few days of training on Dąbskim I knew all the ropes and the yacht from a service standpoint, but I was not before it at sea and it was like after a few dating I would have to marry a stranger.  One thing is certain, although it only has 6.5 m long it's long since I had such a high sense of security.

At the first Northwest Szkwałach at the exit from the marina I was just thinking. Engine rzęził like it in a song remaining forces with the shifter set to the highest speed, but what can 5 horse engine compared to the Szkwałów 36 knt.? Several cables before the exit of the squall heads of the Wytarmosił grotto with the sail deck fell into the water, the engine made zadławił and faded and me from 30m2 sail in the water dryfowało straight to the eastern breakwater.
Top Seal! Is! But drift continues to litigation, I sat down looking around,… what to do? Thought, damn thought! Half a year of work and a yacht, it can not be so end, cut off the sail? Not! I'll do it as a last resort! I scrubbed the halyard from the mast, the head started to pull behind the yacht, managed to make a return I turned on the autopilot, I clenched my fist and I started to pull the sail out of the water and the breakwater was getting closer. Finally succeeded! The blade was on board. I went back to the channel sklarowałem it again, this time not forgetting the Domknięciu stopwatch Refszkentli. The second halyard I did with Topenanty, so I did not have to enter the mast.

Such a situation at the start of the voyage? That's what's going on. The layout of the stars that day was probably very good, because it managed to save the Mini and from the turn emerged a big red steel yacht under the German flag, I prepared the halyarded Grotto, Dowiązałem to the mast, skipper seeing what is happening immediately looked over My intentions. Cumę I gave aboard and started to go for his kilwaterem. Even before his hull heads he began to work a wave, but did not forgive and towed me. I went close to the right side and jotted the time to exit the log.

I put the grotto to get familiar with the wind, the yacht, the wave and the conditions.  This resulted in continuous sharpening. The blade after the head has 2.06 m even on 3 refie the yacht is windward.  I set a seal and the world suddenly acquired a full color-speed 9-10 knt. It was something! Something that I haven't felt on a 6.5 m hull. I was very afraid of the tide and the rocking of the yacht. It quickly turned out that the wave is saving for this construction with wind. If anyone of you drove 13.5 knt. Thanks to the power of the wind and the wave it knows what's going on. After 2 hours, I adapted to the conditions and I've been a lot of quietly run mini. The yacht beautifully swinged on the wave very quietly without any aggressive movements, without freefall and I began to observe the waves carefully to be able to use them like smoothly.  Sometimes they managed to jump from one side to the other, but not in most cases.

Before the cruise I had a lot of worries about swimming along the coast, about the shape of the seabed, Wypiętrzanie and overlapping waves. Previously, I had to take care only of ships and now also on the mainland-so I translated it. I decided to stay OK. Approx 10nm from the coast. So one problem I already had my cure and the other as it turned out became my friend. The overlapping waves just helped me, because at the exit of one wave Northwest entered the north, and so the slides lasted after 30 seconds. It was something! Something I did not know, a completely different dimension of sailing. In the sliding yacht muskał water as cast after the water "ducks" with flat stones. My face hurt me from smiling and zalewającejing her salty water. Announcing the phone at Radek and at night my brother had to sound like the voice of the child Wpierdzielającego the best bombonierkę in the world. Hourly checking the yacht showed nothing, so I could already completely calm. All the elements were healthy and worked as it should be.  I was surprised by the clarity and automaticness of the yacht service. All the ropes are at your fingertips, and almost every action can be done from the cockpit, the positioning of the instrumentation is well thought out. Until you want to swim! I was deeply surprised to myself that so little I use autopilot and I keep the helm in my hand. In the end, it caused me a large radochę and get kick out.

In the evening the wind calmed down, though all the time refused to go down below 25knt. So yes we rode and Mini after 9 and sometimes 11 knt. The sun began to occur and the view was amazing! Warm, orange-red shield emphasis to the sea and this beautifully komponowało with the Kłębiastymi clouds, every now and then the larger wave Zasłaniała The sun throwing a cold shadow on the yacht. So ended with the first day of the Test cruise, the first day of my enchantment Mini and its capabilities.

At night the cold came and the wind zelżał to the permanent 20 knt. To get warmer and the navigation was effectively rozrefowałemed successively to the second and after a few NAPs first ref. It was a good decision, because in the morning the wind zelżał to 14 knots and I began to wonder about placing the smallest gennaker. The end of the end I decided to wait yet and odespać a few naps last night. The sunrises give positive energy to the watched, so (another argument behind the great arrangement of the stars was that there was no drop of a single raindrop and the day heralded the warm and sunny) beautiful east and then I started 4 naps in the meantime wind He returned to 25 knt. And the boat again began to miss the sail on the bow, or to reduce the mainsail. On the wave it happened that the mini ostrzył, which was very annoying during sleep, autopilot could not return on the course after sharpening from backstay to halves and I had to go on board in the middle of the NAP.

Another… and the hell! In the end I gave the win and stuck the stern sword, which effectively zniwelowało the sharpening, although the speed fell by 0.5 knt.  Small is a loss for a quiet 14 minutes of rest. Pufa filled with Styrofoam Grzała in the back and I have never had that comfortable koi, I recommend it to everyone, the perfect solution. After breakfast/Lunch I returned for the helm, again I checked the yacht and reported to. During the day wind a little muffled and after 15 knt. Real, Gennaker not put, for wanting me courage and maybe a lot of prudence? I remember a few years earlier Radek at this point had problems with Genakerem and how much on this lost. The wave has decreased significantly and I've not ślizgałemed like last day. Damn! Maybe a small code 5? I rode already on the full set. I gave the win and I was on the basic sails. Still a good deal before the Rozewiem wind again decided to dissipate to 20 knt.

Mijała hour after hour, Mila for Nice, and for me the time gnał the neck just like a mini. This is how it flies, just gnając the neck and the size of the hull, and rather its lack and the magnitude of the sails even more powerfully enhances the feeling.

I really looked nervous about how time I was running out of my watch. Before the cruise I established that I would like the cruise to go beyond 30 h of shipping. Approaching the Rozewia wind tężał and again did not descend below 25 in the gusts to 30. I had to jib quickly. I also knew I was not going along the peninsula. To mention the words Radek that the mini does not float fordewindem halsowałem baksztagami and searched the tide along the mainland. At helium, 24 hours of voyage were passed. I was hoping the cove would be quieter and the lack of a wave would allow you to test other settings and sails. Unfortunately, for helium after putting up the Western hills I rode half, I had to put one more ref and felt tired. So, frequent reefing and Rozrefowywanie is tiring especially alone in addition to the congestion cases stopped practicing and run, the weak form gave up the signs. In the middle of the bay it got heavily sinus-wind 10-15 knots wanted me to force the next Rozrefowania. Ha! Checkmate, do not rozrefuję and end of the dot, chromolę. Chromoląc So with good time I finally switched the input heads to the western Hůrky. I wrote a time in the journal and made a return and sailed to Gdynia, where in JK Gryf held a regatta on the memorial Teligi. It's a great party and many friends.

The cruise ended after 28 hours. So my assumption was achieved. Record Route Świnoujście – Western Hills He did a manned large bird in 22 hours. Good! I managed to do it alone in 28 H. What 200nm gave the average 7.8 knt. For me, great result. Especially since Radek himself swam 3 hours longer;)

However, somehow managed to get along with the Mini and the conditions, or what is difficult to help me achieve a good time. Yacht and cruise, totally passed my expectations. In retrospect I find that this was one of the best shipping so far. The cruise, on which I learned so much, I met a yacht and it's like you can swim in the slip.

At the end of the voyage, I was reminded of the Radek tales, surprised how many things, situations, my behavior and the yacht that he told us was successful.

The Mini class is… it is… it is not possible to describe the need to swim. I tried it and want more, much more. Everyone wished to have such a radochę with sailing like me during those 26 H. Turbo Great Fanu and driving without Trzymanki. Ok, let's be a total of sleeping for 5 hours, but then driving on a yacht autopilot slide on a wave.

Some time later I provided Piotrkowi Adamowiczowi, (which represents the speed record chapter on the Route Świnoujście – Gdańsk) Cruise card. Verified it and from now on I can officially enjoy the record of the fastest single crossing of this route.

Sincerely Michael Weselak.

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