SB 2015

Agnieszka and Michał-SB 2015
Mini 6.50-S/y OCEAN 650

A: It started as always-with hůrky we were leaving with about 2 hours delay. But immediately it turned out that the delay paid. Leaving the sails from the harbor, Michael noticed that we do not have the last, shortest ledge in the grotto. My dad helped us catch up in the moment, wsadziliśmy the strip and little bit, this time reaching the first goal-Sopot, after dark.

A: On Saturday from the morning we waited the last preparation (here the big "thanks" GoodSpeed'a crew for sharing the toilet for the morning shower).

MJ: I'm unfortunately late for hot water. Then we made the last shopping, Klar and we have received YellowBrick-A, instructions for navigation and locję of Jerzy Kulińskiego, sponsored by SSJ. In the morning it turned out that I had to tighten the rig, so over an hour I spent on the trymowaniu mast.

A: I had no time to think "as it is"-my emotions were so strong! The sky over Sopot augured an interesting start with a good fresh breeze.

MJ: I worried about you-the Mini 650 is a completely different yacht than the ones on which pływałaś. Very spartan, cold and wet. Instead of the toilet is a bucket, inside you live on a 1.5 m2, and the pants you need to assume the lying, because you can not straighten. And remember how to stawialiśmy the grotto?

A: Sure! The entrance of douses was not matched to the luff tape that we had in the grotto. Placing the sail (and every reefing) took us about. 10 minutes (as no longer). You sat at your mast-by entering the liklinę, and I was with my foot at the helm, with my hands at the crank and winch, eyes around and on the indicators. And so every time… So what got me there no toilets, or some tumors on my head.

M: After the start of the model we decided to code 5 and so until the helium…

A: Yes, and the helium completely ucichło. Our moods and radios were, however, definitely positive.

A: Finally came the wind, in less than an hour stężeć to 4-5 B. Already-we had to drive a nice speed when bowsprit…

M:… gennaker (in our case 3 meters long-about half the boat)…

A: As it was called, it was called. In any case, he decided to discontinue the cooperation and dropped out of the attachment.

M: Yes exactly, it broke the rubber holding it horizontally. Gennaker went to the leeward and the sail fell into the water

A: Half an hour with this męczyłeś, when at that time all who were earlier in the range of "hand" drove us-płynęliśmy in each direction, but not in the right.

M: Then we have the code 5 again, and so actually you postawiłaś it.

A: Buła with butter-20 m2 can be placed from the hand;) We rode so good two hours until the wind stężał and we had to leave the extra sail. It seemed that we were going nicely forward and catching slowlyed the backlog when dropping the sail fell into the water and with a simple action it became a little hassle.

M: Ba! Even a big annoyance, because the sail was kept left on the sides by bras, right by tack, aft by halyard, and underwater by ballast.

A: You cut off then halyard and tack, and after the Brasie learnt, you mean you pulled, tangled, wet sail from the yacht. All in all it took a while before we came. And so appeal the mystery of "dealing with the crew," What posądzalied me and "My Captain" rivals looking at our route on YellowBrick'u;) When odsapnęliśmy, lined on the right course and płynęliśmy further. Something so naturally came out that changed every 2 hours (not counting the fact that I was waking Michael when we had to pass the ships).

MJ: Or as soon as you thought you could see the ship…

A: Hey! Sternicy must be prescient, "Sejfti first" and every four eyes are not two! Going back to change-just after two hours of the eyelids themselves close, so there was no sense to bother longer, since we were two and we had a small distance to the goal-Visby.

M: When I drove to Świnoujście to make a record, I took with him a pouf filled with Styrofoam. Perfectly contour bunk to the helmsman. Thanks to her, the man slept stably across the yacht, moreover, we were grzani from two sides (from Pouffes and sleeping bag). The first NAPs were of course on the so-called. "Stand by", but over the period of two hours we could calmly relax and "sleep". Even each of us zrzucało wet waterproofs before rest.

A: Every day I often regret that I live in the city and so many blocks, skyscrapers and all other buildings obscures my sky (the more in the East and west) and ironically fate-the first sunset and the first sunrise during the regatta I slept. Fortunately, I had the prospect of a few more sunsets and sunrises, besides the non-stop I was able to admire what was happening in the sky-and there was really a lot.

M: The nights at sea are really inspiring. It is much easier to forget about the regatta and guarding the sails, and the desire to rozrefowanie at a few knots of the weaker wind in general is missing. The man meditates and corrects the course and again meditates and corrects. Still a year ago, I swam alone on a classic Wanda of 1967 years, and now zasuwam on yacht Radek Kowalczyk, six and a half meters ocean yacht, which has completed some of the most difficult sailings of the world-Mini Transat. My future bride is asleep in the wet clothes, he blows five, and the sky is full of stars-is great:).

A: Sunday in full, the following two hours are over, again my eyelids weighed a ton, and the clothes were soaked, so I did not wait a moment longer (even minutes). Otwarłam gaps and I throw in the middle of the siarczyste "Good morning, Michaś! It's time to get up! " Every time the "morning" "toilet" and dressing up again took us a little time, so the last minute dłużyłyed like an hour. I couldn't wait to see when I could hide and fall asleep. The more so that we were already close to the southern shores of Gotland, so I wanted to use a pleasant rocking to sleep. It turned out that the craving for sleeping quickly went to me, after what he asked me Michael… Actually my answer was only "formality", but despite all I was verbatim pleasantly surprised.

M: I remember this as:) today. 19.07.2015 at 1254 (UTC) at position N 56 ° 36.31, E 018 ° 23.17

A: Later, I found that I didn't actually have the exit–around the water, stupidly if I refused, I would have to throw me overboard…;). To Visby dopłynęliśmy about 0100 a night on Monday, struggling with the sunrise. A moment of chitchat, a quick exchange of impressions and I went to take the desired shower (as our toilet limited to the bucket, a visit to this place in Visby was an obvious priority for me).

M: Well that I was not dirty and I could wash myself after breakfast by 1320:).

A: All Monday Leniuchowaliśmy and Klarowaliśmy yacht. Michael was doing some repairs, checking rigging and Hull. All the time he drew attention to the mast, fittings and ropes. I understand it-after qualifying for the mini Transat in 2011 years the Mini did not swim. The blade was getting more and more unlaminated, though the profile and shape all the time kept very nice.

M: 31m2 Cave, like at 6.5 m yacht, is quite a bit. The extended top of the sail is difficult to trymowaniu. On Tuesday We went for a walk around the city. Zanudzałem you with stories like a year ago together with Simon Kuczyńskim jeździliśmy on the sheep and we were visiting;). And as with the youth of Lithuania walked the walls, etc. Gotland is a beautiful island.

A: Definitely beautiful, charming, with an amazing climate. I was very impressed by the charming little houses where the light was lit in the evenings in every window.

M: A beer in a bar costs 75 zł-This is a charming place. It's such a Baltic Kaprije.
The evening at the port was "Polish day"-a delicious barbecue, talks about the first stage, conditions and strategies. At Fujimo ("the" U Jane I'm Moving Out ") there were talks and plans, summit meetings, playing the accordion and guitar. Some people still buy compromising photos and videos today. "Polish Day" and the whole did a lot of confusion in the city and Marina. The only thing Męczylo in the port is the steep and short wave. Even the port was not quiet. After several blows of masts, the rupture of the antenna and such losses, everyone fled to the smallest angle to protect themselves from the undulations.

A: On Wednesday we planned to start second stage. All things in between the time of the dry, the postcards were sent, the shopping made, and it was possible to move. The beginning was advantageous. It had blow specifically, but from the stern – for US super. Promised that on Thursday afternoon/evening it will wane. Courtesy of Tomek Konnaka We left the port in the lobby. After 15 minutes we set the grotto and then from the hills, it means the wind. To start up went a small genaker. Part of the yachts went close to the shore, we with the remainder further in the sea. Unfortunately for us blew too much, Michael changed a small (52m2) Gennaker on a large (71m2), to gain too much wind, though these few tenths of the knot.  This gave a good result, because we drove several yachts. However, at 22-24 Knt of wind I was not sure if it was a good idea. After placing the sail Michael mentioned something about the export ("one of the export and we are lying", or something similar comforting). And something tempteded me to ask what this "thing to do" in terms of what to do if we wish cableway. It hasn't passed 25 minutes when it came more powerful squall, Michael slept at the helm, and it happened. It was the first of my life, so it was a strong and definitely unpleasant experience. However, Michael's serenity is like a rescue wheel. "My fiance" gave me the helm…

M:… which I did not "work", because both fins were on the surface, but something have to to hold;)-such a placebo

A: You started slowly work to dump Gienka. Unfortunately tack hooked about gennaker, so you went to the beak. I had a million thoughts a second, and above all, think, "Don't take me! He just said, and now we're almost lying (it looked like that for me), and he's fighting on the bow with a silly rope! "

It worked! Finally, unblocked the rope, dropped a large gennaker, waited until the uspokoję and zapiął smaller. We drove in the right direction further. Then once again utwierdziłam to the belief that the Mini is a brilliant boat on which I feel by far the safest and best.

Between one trouble and the next "Kaptyn" had the opportunity to show the culinary, reheating delicious fragrant, and disgustingly tasting spaghetti. Then, after the gennaker of the foil, a small tear was formed, which exclude the sail from further use.

As trouble mentioned, when Michael seemed to be outboard pleasures, he noticed that the rudder fins are loose. This was the longest and almost the only moment we used autopilot. Michael pressed under the deck, I on board, together dokręciliśmy fins and everything worked for the next 200 miles.

After passing Gotska Sandon płynęliśmy the Wind. At night Rozdmuchało and so was already the next 30h. When we left for the southern promontory, Gotland Wind decided to greet the Mini in the form of 28 knt standing. The tide is getting faster and higher, so with the wrong descending of the wave literally spadaliśmy the yacht in the abyss with 2-3 meters. Everything Trzęsło and Huczało, as in the middle of the speaker. I have not experienced such waves during the voyage.

M: The small yacht is much more intensely experienced by the external conditions. Do you remember how to Pojechałaś to Kalmar on "Zaruskim" in the first reconstruction cruise? On return was a 33knt and a big wave, and quite differently it felt.

A: Yes or anyway-sometimes I felt like a rollercoaster. When wpływaliśmy on a wave of view of the valley between it and the next summit was breathtaking (literally). I enjoyed that I got the right yacht and the "captain"-so I felt safe. I do not know how many times all night and day Michal Refował and rozrefowywał sails. In the evening the Grotto was not durable and ripped at the third refowym corner of the clew. There were no conditions for the repair, so wcisnęliśmy the cave with the Długaśnymi battens under the deck and we put the storm seals on you. It looked rather weird, but it worked. The speed wasn't staggering, but at least though a little przesunęliśmyed the middle sailed backwards. We also drew the attention of the sailing yacht from Poland (not taking part in the regatta). We just managed to turn on the radio and connect with it, so wytłumaczyliśmy that everything is okay. In response we heard: "The poor weather you chose, guys, for swimming. Hang on! "

M: With this kidnapped Grotto, it was a stupid mistake after a finite refowaniu. I lost balance and struck my elbow in a laminate that ripped. And so we finished our regatta. A moment I got angry and I had another lesson for the future. Ściemniało, Aga replaced me at watch. I ate, rested and slept. Even before dusk jumped in the TPS-a (thick neoprene dry suit for seafarers), which allowed me to survive the night. It was Arctic cold and wet. I took off only boots and in full gear jumped. At night I also developed a thick karimatą. At 7.5 knt SOG zarefowałem seal to relieve tacking. Speed dropped by two knots but I was quiet about rig

A: Long wondered why we were exposed to such attempts, until I finally remembered why. It's all through Ondynę and her curse that we tried To beat. We have not given up, we have passed (some with material losses, nay) attempt and overcame the curse.

M: With the coming of Friday afternoon, faith zelżał to an aggressive zero scale. Aga ordered the drying in general, and I was washing. Wyskoczyliśmy with dirty and wet clothes. It raised the morale by 10! Lazy afternoons allowed for a blissful sleep and basking in the sun. After this laziness, posklejałemed the cave to the crocodiles, which I got last year as one of the awards after the Battle of Gotland:). I finally learned what I can use;) It did not look nice (in general it did not look), but the most important that it worked. I put the sail and then the largest gennaker who could finally catch moments of breath and get dry. I was waiting for the wind. Much of this wait was not, because again I fell asleep.

A: After a few hours of tapping and piszczenia the fittings on the deck, the yacht was perfectly lurched and I could sleep further. Michael spoke something, but in the end is a loner, can do the trick.

M: ing! I cried you on the sunset… At night a little dropped and a large gennaker. After 7 hours we arrived at Hel. I have not seen any such movement of ships as then. The coast looked like a Christmas tree. We just had to be careful not to find yourself under such a tree:). After a few changes watchkeeping doglądnąłem the sunrise and then already full gas to Sopot.

A: To Sopot, does not clean and definitely not fragrant, dopłynęliśmy about 7 a.m. on Saturday.

M: The cruise itself was very interesting. Another 600 miles per mini, 650 behind me, another mile of experience and learning about the class. A few crashes, some interesting situations. I am very pleased it was a good time and a great cruise.

It is said that as you want to "check" your partner, you take him to the sea, in addition to a small yacht and you will find out who he is;). Agnieszka did not behave like a "princess", on the contrary-she worked harder than me, raised our morale and my spirits. In Poland, there is probably no woman who has more miles on the mini than she is;). Ho Ho-is a good sign of:).

A: The regatta I consider the best holiday adventure, and maybe even and not just those holidays. I have learned a lot of things, and in many cases I have confirmed my conjectures and theories. It is also true that after about 3 days on land I was fully satisfied with the regatta. To sum up, it was brilliant and awesome


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