Mini Transat


Regatta Mini Transat

Participation in the Regatta Mini Transat is already a big nobilitacja, put the sails in front of the starting line in this race is a considerable feat-it crowning the previous murderous work on the yacht, the qualification, the adversity.

The regatta has two stages, the first begins in La Rochelle on the Gulf of Biscay. The lone sailors head to Cape Finister in Spain to take the course south. The sailing of the neck in the northern wind along the banks of Portugal finally arrive at the Canary Islands-Gran Canaria. The first stage or 1350 miles is considered the most important on the route La Rochelle-Gran Canaria the wind can play tricks and change direction.

The second stage is already over 2700 miles of slipping after the fragrant Atlantic Ocean freedom. It begins on Gran Canaria and ends in Martinique – Le Martin. During the last edition of the 2017 year a damn good sailor-class Mini Mr. Ian Lipinski needed less than 14 days to travel this route.

At the finish in Le Martin the worst is the first-because he is not waiting for him none of his colleagues;) and so seriously lonely transit the ocean in a box after Zapałkach makes great satisfaction. The sailor waits for the best liquor, congrats and piekącą in the soul the satisfaction of the fulfilled dream, from the journey from the attachment of the wrong place. A certain nobilitacją is a standard throwing into the water just as the ship arrived from the sea-such a tradition.

27 minutes with the regatta Mini Transat 2017!